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Hello friends! I know it’s been forever! But not only I haven’t really been doing a lot of reading, I also barely have the time to write my own stuff so I decided to put a stop to River of Shadows. It was fun, I received a small amount of really good and interesting feedback that I appreciate and was extremely helpful.

I was thinking that maybe I could start making posts about other stuff. Just like my opinions mostly related to books/TV shows and Books obviously. Because I don’t always have a review ready which leads to rarely posting.

So from now I’ll be sharing my opinions on movies, series etc as well. 😊

Fallen – Review

2 stars.

If you thought there was a worse series than The Immortals then congrats you were right! 67fbf52979b565c0b54a1be208bfb7d9

I give to you Fallen. The Plot seems really similar to The Immortals only instead of an immortal you got angels. Now, just like what happened with TI the theme is actually pretty interesting. For once you no longer get vampires and a new sort of supernatural creatures get introduced. That’s untouched ground and you have your whole imagination at your disposal. But what did these authors do? They created boring plots and flat characters and wrote entire series based on a really boring an unhealthy relationship. I don’t know which came first and I’m not going to bother to look it up. They both suck.

But let’s get into Fallen. I decided to read the book because I got curious towards the movie and watched it. It was ok. It got really interesting in the beginning about the angels and I thought “wow this is really promising”; it wasn’t.

My main issue is really how boring the characters are. And the romance is just so flat. From the beginning, you are forced into this romance with Daniel and Lucinda even though they have zero chemistry and you already know everything. It’s meant to be so you are left with no choice but to accept they are going to be together. That’s no fun to read about.


The author basically gives away the whole supposed plot twist from the very start but then gets super cryptic when it comes to other details. I’m betting it’s no big of a deal, I started reading Torment and the whole making Lucinda being the one to find out everything because Daniel can’t tell her or she dies is really just a sad attempt to make viewers want to keep reading to figure out things. The only characters that I had some interest in were Penn and obviously, she got killed.

At least with TI, Damen was kinda of interesting, however while Ever Bloom is the worst character ever, Luce is easier to tolerate.

Trying to create a love triangle is such a sad plot device, it’s getting exhausting and it really tires me that romance gets used so poorly. It should be a sub plot not the main issue. And as a young adult series it should send across a healthier picture of love. Lucinda is a stalker and she’s so obsessed with Daniel even though he treats her like garbage and yes, I know why that happens but that doesn’t make it ok.
If a guy in real life treats me like shit I’m not going to assume it’s because he lives forever and he’s just tired of watching me die constantly.

Something else that makes Daniel even less likeable is how he claims to love Lucinda so  much and yet he doesn’t even think twice before kissing her or doing something that might end with her dead. Where’s the respect or regard for her life? It doesn’t exist.


The movie gives away everything and they chose such poor actors to play these characters, maybe someone else would have given the story some life and charisma. I do feel however that the movie was better than the book. This doesn’t happen often but when it does you can assume how bad the book actually is that a movie managed to top it.

To sum up, I’m going to continue the series and I wish I could say I’m hoping it gets better  but I’m 100% positive that it won’t. Torment introduces a new school, new characters and so far they seem slightly an improvement compared to Fallen but it’s not enough to save it.

Lord of Shadows – Review

3.5 stars.

I’ve read this book a while ago but wasn’t able to write a review sooner. I gave Lady Midnight five stars I believe last year but with Lord of Shadows, I feel like it barely reaches four stars.
I’m not sure what happened with this book. It’s not particularly the book’s fault or the author but I expected better and more considering how good Lady Midnight was. lord-of-shadows-cover-nov-16

One thing that I have to point out is how much Cassandra has improved since she wrote TMI. She’s one of the authors I dislike the most but I get really attached to her books. TMI has one of my favourite male characters of all time (Simon Lewis). And even though I loved Lady Midnight, I still believe that TID beats everything else she wrote. Unlike other authors she seems to improve with each book, so that’s a positive note.

However, I just wasn’t feeling it. Emma and Julian felt more intense during Lady Midnight and the book ended with such a great Mark and Emma scene but then when it picks up somewhere else and on Lord of Shadows it kinda loses the first impact it had.

In terms of characters, I adore Ty and Kit. Livvy and Kit just made no sense to me whatsoever, but Ty and Kit just have this chemistry, I love their scenes.
I’m also a huge fan of Mark and Cristina. I did like the progress and what’s going on with them plus Kieran. I was feeling a little bit of Herongraystairs vibe with them.
Emma, I like her but I think I liked her and she’s badass and strong so that’s refreshing, we all need female heroes.
About Julian, I like how ruthless he is and he’s such a complex character or well, not really because we are able to know him and know that for his family there’s nothing he wouldn’t do and he has no problem sacrificing things for them. He loves so deeply and strongly it’s both heartwarming and scary. Seeing his growth has been really interesting.

Overall it’s a good book, it left everything out in the open with the end. I was hoping the next book actually picks up where it left instead of moving forward. I want to know what leads to what.

As for having TMI characters showing up, I can’t explain exactly but they feel so out of character? The whole Clary death situation feels weird and why would you give away like that she’s going to die? Even if it’s a feeling, first it would be either to kill a main character from a series in another one that has nothing to do with her. Plus if she does die, it won’t be surprising because we already know she feels that way and she knows.

Alec and Magnus felt so out of character as well, maybe other people didn’t felt the same way so it might be only me but yeah. It might have something to do with the TV show because I now have this two versions of the TMI characters in my head so seeing them in some other series it’s like 3 different sides of them.

To sum up, I enjoyed the book. I’m really looking forward to read the next one. Even though it might take forever. I just can’t give it more stars, it feels like something was missing.

The Upside of Unrequited – Review

3 stars, not spoiler free.

I havCover-Reveal-The-Upside-Of-Unrequited-Largee to start by addressing my biggest issue, which isn’t about the book but about the negative reviews it receives. Everybody loved Simon’s book. No surprise there, plus a lot of females really enjoy stories with m/m relations but when it comes to f/f suddenly everything surrounding it is problematic. But that’s not even the point I’m trying to make. The issue is that when it comes to having a fat girl as the main character everyone seems to have a problem with it. It happened with Holding Up the Universe and it happens here too. Having a fat main character actually addressing bullying and sharing their thoughts about being fat does not make a book problematic.

It’s simply the reality of a lot of fat girls and how they feel about themselves. Now, this book is short and it doesn’t really focus on the fact that Molly is fat unlike what happens with Libby so we don’t see a lot of development from that part. But self-love doesn’t happen in two seconds. I also didn’t felt like Molly needed a boy to validate her, she simply wanted to experience kissing one and actually having a boyfriend. Which I guess, a normal thing? To experience those sort of things. I also highly doubt that Molly suddenly started loving herself and accepted her body once she starts dating Reid. Yes, she does think she’s beautiful but I don’t think it’s related to Reid. Dating Reid makes her happy and guess what, having someone love you can help you realise what you couldn’t before. Because what once felt impossible it’s happening now. I don’t know where this obsession with turning love into a bad thing comes from.

In fact, Molly seems to care more about the fact that her grandmother thinks she’s beautiful than she did with Reid.
Anyway, let’s start with quotes that I totally relate to and no, I don’t find it problematic. I find it realistic.

“I guess it’s just this feeling that my body is secretly all wrong. Which means any guy who assumes I’m normal is going to flip his shit if we get to the point of nakedness (…) It makes me never want to be naked. And it’s not like I could be a Never Nude. I don’t even like jean shorts.”

Girl, same. And feeling this way doesn’t mean I need a boy to validate me. Because I know that getting a boyfriend doesn’t mean I’m suddenly going to love myself. It doesn’t work like that. I don’t need men to validate me.

Here’s another one,

“We’d kiss. Okay. We’d have sex. I don’t know. Even if he likes me, I’m not sure he’d like me naked. I hate that I’m even thinking that. I hate hating my body. Actually, I don’t even hate my body. I just worry everyone else might.”

And here we have it, Molly doesn’t even hate her body but she worries everyone else does. Because why? People really enjoy bullying others for the way they look and maybe, just maybe if we treated everyone the same way, this wouldn’t be an issue. If people weren’t assholes we wouldn’t have others growing up feeling like outsiders and people not worth loving or not being acceptable to have sex because of what their body looks like.

Another one showing once again, that also relates to movies, tv shows etc where everywhere you rarely get positive fat representation, “Under my shirt, there’s no flat stomach, and there are no cute little boobs, and there’s no hazy lighting. It’s just a lot of me. Way too much of me.”

Let’s stop pretending Molly is the only one who feels the way and the story are in her point of view so of course, you are going to see everything the way she does. And everything is going to be about her and how she sees everyone else. Because we are in her head so we might not like everything we see.

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