Writing a blog used to be easier…

To avoid any confusion by the title, I’m talking about myself, of course. Back when I was younger and still in school, it became popular among friends to have a blog. Funny enough, I used to write a lot more when I was in school than I do now. So, writing a blog used to be easier. I lacked imagination just like it happens now but it seemed like it was so much easier to just type things in.

Not to forget, that back then I also had experiences, whether it was from school or personal life at home and being a teenager just made me more dramatic and perhaps helped me be more inspired to write whatever it was.

As now a young adult, this is probably the fourth time I’m giving it another try at this blog business. I do feel closer to books more than ever and writing reviews, sharing my opinions has become a huge necessity for me. With the internet and a new social media being presented every two minutes our opinions seem to have lost some value. Everyone has something to say, which is great but not every single comment, post etc is constructive and actually helps moving forward in any way.

To sum up, I just thought I should share some thoughts and hopefully with this blog I can not only be funny and share my thoughts on books, my short stories that are either forgotten in paper around the house or come to me once in a while but also have some sort of impact on my readers. Be a positive change or addition to the internet world.

Fangirl – Review

4/5 stars.

This book was recommended to me by my cousin because she thought it was “my face”, I also heard a lot of good things about it by others on social media. So I decided to go for it and buy the book.
I was going to give it 3 stars mostly because I couldn’t connect with certain characters and the plot itself wasn’t that intriguing but then the romance begins and I have to say, Rainbow writes it beautifully. And that’s when I realised I was loving this book. It wasn’t the best book I’ve read so far but it made me feel something, especially the scenes between Cath and Levi – I melted.
I consider myself a writer and I write as well a lot of fanfiction. In fact, considering I write mostly on my second language, if it wasn’t for fanfiction I wouldn’t have been able to improve as much as I have so far. I look back at things I wrote when I started in 2012 and I look at things I’m writing now – in 2016 – and the difference is huge, not only have I improved my English, other skills have gotten better as well. I’m not yet as great as I want to be – in fact, I doubt I’ll ever be satisfied – but I’m happy with what I got. And I think this is why I was able to sort of connecting with Cath. There’s definitely things about her that really annoyed me a bit, but I can relate. I understand her. Everything she says about fanfiction, her love for the characters and the way she describes writing it, I understand. And she’s a lot like me in terms of having social anxiety, not partying, not drinking, being the glasses girl etc. And I can’t tell you how refreshing it feels to finally read a book that focuses on the nerd girls. Really just nerds. But not your usual nerds, this time, fanfiction it’s actually mentioned and I think Rainbow did capture well what it means to write it. And what it means to be a fangirl.
Wren was probably my least favourite. Maybe because she’s the opposite of myself, I don’t drink or like to party and there’s a lot I would have done differently. However she grew on me by the end of the book, she felt more real and like she was done trying to pretend to live a life that wasn’t actually hers to live. I’m not going to try and analyse her character too deep.
Levi, oh Levi. He was my favourite from the start. Probably the only character I didn’t have straight pressing issues with. He’s kind and patient and there’s really just a lot to him that I wish I could know more. Each scene with him involved brought something else into the story.
I know that this has a second book, – Carry On – which is basically Cath’s fanfiction. I wasn’t really that into the whole Simon Snow storyline but I think I’ll give it a try anyway.to end, I recommend this reading to everyone who feels like there isn’t enough talk or representation of Fangirls done in the right way, this is a great start. It does not cover all the points but I think it was really good.

To sum up, I recommend this reading to everyone who feels like there isn’t enough talk or representation of Fangirls done in the right way, this is a great start. It does not cover all the points but I think it was really good, to begin with.

Allegiant – Review

Read in January 2014.

4/5 stars.

While I was reading Allegiant I couldn’t help but feel angry  because I knew Tris was going to die, ever since I started reading it because a friend of mine once thought it would be to see me holding Divergent and shouting “she dies” so reading a book and being aware of the ending and what will happen no matter what happens is terrible. Whether you like the fact she dies or not, it’s not a good move to spoil someone like that. Automatically my idea of Tris is going to be affected by that fact, especially now that compared to the second book where she seemed to have some sort of death wish, she wanted to live, and the fact she said things to Christina for example, that shScreenshot_2017-04-26-21-31-01e wouldn’t leave her, those things just made me angry but what actually hurt me the most was Tobias and how he felt and I just cried like a baby, which reminds me of one thing that at first I didn’t like, the way I saw him completely changed because he stopped being Four which gave the idea that he was that person that was always there, not easy to break into, protective which he always stays but still, and that changed a bit when we get to see him, the inside of him which
is Tobias and on this book, what I didn’t like was  when it shows that Tris was always right and not him, making it seem like his judgment shouldn’t be trusted but eventually my opinion about that changed as it was good to know him and we couldn’t have if we kept seeing him as Four.

Of course, that Veronica was brave I guess, to be able to do what she felt like was the best for the story and not only to do what people expect and unlike all the other books and stories when usually you know what is going to happen and having the hero and the main character surviving has become such a given thing. Like you know they are going to make it no matter what, this character won’t die so it becomes a safe reading that you can be at peace and to a certain level I’m not sure if that’s good and having authors feeling the need to change that and give us something painful but surprising, well, I salute you. Unless it becomes obsessive and every single character must die.

About the series, when they first came out I wasn’t interested. I started seeing things about the movie and just like what happened with The Hunger Games, I did not care. The movies didn’t seem appealing which made me not be interested in the books. As expected, all my opinions changed when I did read the series. I get why some people dislike it and the story may not be the best. Don’t even get me started on the movies (Theo James is the only reason I’ve seen them many many times). But this series means a lot to me. And sometimes it’s not just about the story but the moment you are in when it comes to your life, your state of mind, whatever is going, everything can be a factor to how much impact someone/something is going to have on you. So Divergent feels that way to me.

Bel: Amor más allá de la muerte – Review

Portuguese Review.
Read in October 2013.

5/5 stars.

Amei! Com este livro aconteceu mais ou menos o mesmo que aconteceu com “The Girl Who Chased the Moon”, não era um livro que eu tivesse conhecimento da sua existênciScreenshot_2017-04-26-21-30-44a nem sequer fazia intenções de o comprar, mas quando lhe peguei soube que tinha sem dúvida que o ter e que não me ia arrepender, pessoalmente tenho sempre um certo receio ao comprar livros que não conhecia antes, mas até agora tenho sempre feito a escolha certa, penso que ainda não fiquei desiludida com nenhum.
Acima de tudo o género do livro e o tema de que se trata foi sem dúvida o que me chamou à atenção e fiquei rendida do inicio ao fim, sentia-me mesmo mal de cada vez que tinha de parar de ler para fazer fosse o que fosse. Quem não é muito fã de paranormal, fantasmas, e esse tipo de temas penso que também não irá ser grande fã deste livro, se não se acredita não se vai conseguir achar piada ao que se está a ler, pois está-se constantemente a por em causa e com dúvidas sobre tudo o que se lê o que vai tornar a leitura horrível.

Entrando em mais detalhes sobre as personagens, acerca de Bel gostei bastante da forma como ela era no inicio e achei bastante interessante a sua transformação quando descobre a verdade, logo desde o inicio consegui perceber que Amanda não era de todo uma boa pessoa, e tinha até mesmo vontade de a matar eu própria. Gostava de ter visto mais de Ismael. Não gostei nada de Amanda, como já referi, pelo que não me agradou ler tanto sobre ela, se bem que sem aquelas informações também não era possível saber exactamente que tipo de pessoa era assim como gostava de saber o que acontece depois com o espírito dela, será que segue em frente em paz, ou volta também como aconteceu com Bel e tendo em conta como ela era, podia-se tornar também num Poltergeist. Penso que seja tudo o que tenho a dizer, mais uma vez gostei imenso do livro e recomendo a todos que tenham interesse pelo paranormal, espíritos e coisas assim. Pessoalmente é um tema pelo qual tenho bastante interesse e gostaria bastante de ler mais livros do mesmo género