A Court of Thorns and Roses – Review

14909002979674/5 stars

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas is the first instalment of a new exciting retelling trilogy of the Beauty and the Beast tale. This said I had no idea about this until I was probably 100 pages in. I did find some similarities that I thought was pure coincidence until Goodreads let me know otherwise.

With Beauty and the Beast comes a heavy criticism about the romance involving Belle and the Beast so I wouldn’t be surprised if the relation between Feyre and Tamlin ends up being the target of the same critics. But the story isn’t just about the Disney tale, it has new and interesting twists, it keeps you wanting more. I was told the second book is far better but I enjoyed this one a lot, Sarah was clever connecting every point. A more mature writing compared to a Throne of Glass series, which disappointed me at some point, and I got stuck on Queen of Shadows, this book, however, brings you a more mature story, less for teens and younger readers but actually meant for young adults and adults.
By young adults, I’m referring to 18 or 20+. So many authors use sex and intimacy in such vulgar ways and I believe that in certain stories it’s needed and sexuality is not something that should be hidden and treated as a taboo. That will just create more problems than solutions. This said I would like to congratulate Sarah for the way she writes the intimate scenes between characters without resorting to vulgar and less “pretty” words. I already started A Court of Mist and Fury which is heavier on this subject but from what I can tell Sarah has kept the same writing style.
As for the characters, I was a little unsure at first but I ended up liking all of them. I couldn’t understand why is it that everyone seems to like Rhysand and the Night Court when everything points out to them evil but towards the end and after spoiling myself a little, I understood.
Feyre fights for those she loves, the story is told in the first person so when that happens you feel like you have no choice but to end up liking the character. She’s 19 years old which was also refreshing because finally, a YA book with a character that has a similar age to mine.
Tamlin was a little harder to like, their relation brings me to all those details about Beauty and the Beast. He also reminds me of another fictional character that can’t seem to figure out who exactly, it’s just this weird feeling as I keep reading whenever he’s present.
I’m not going to lie, their relation was exciting to see develop, the attraction growing and so far the romance has been more exciting and well written compared to Sarah’s other series.
The first time Rhysand appeared he was described as having blue eyes and black eyes, as some may be aware that’s my downfall. Instantly I liked his character, I did not, however, enjoy the way Feyre was treated and played with towards the end of the story. I’ve been made aware that there is something that’s going to happen between them and the whole getting her drug with the wine etc.
To sum up, I’ll need to read ACOMAF to make a more extensive reflection about my feelings for the characters since there are going to be changes, I’m excited and if you enjoyed the Throne of Glass series then I’m sure that you are going to like this new series because they are far even better. At least, so far. I hope I won’t be disappointed.


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