Caraval – Review

4.5 stars

“Every person has the power to change their fate if they are brave enough to fight for what they desire more than anything.”

This book has been literally everywhere when it comes Instagram and the bookstagram community. I wasn’t that interested at first until I got into this annoying reading slump, not really feeling like reading what I was currently reading and unsure of what I felt like reading at all. So, I thought: why not?
I seem to have different opinions when it comes to characters. For once, I’m not very fond of Scarlett. I don’t find her as sweet as some people make her sound like. I find her rather annoying. As for the opposite, Tella seemed to be the t1492031948061ypical rebel character and the way Scarlett is constantly describing her sister is so exhausting. She makes her sound so unreliable and she can’t be trusted to her emotions. I could tell from the beginning that Tella is far more than Scarlett leads on and she would surprise us by being far more intelligent than what her sister makes me her sound like. I hope the second book focuses on her and from the epilogue I’m positive it will be.
As for Julian, I liked him from the start. Well maybe not like like, but I didn’t dislike him either. I found the book way too predictable at the beginnin1493152053135g, the moment Scarlett finds them I could tell there would be romance between them. Not to be a spoiler but considering where they are and what the game is all about we can’t really hold it against him whatever happens. In fact, like everyone else, he is not who he seems to be and who he actually seems to be at the end, well I like him.
My feelings for Scarlett changed when I got to the end and I was also glad to see that I was right about Tella all along. Despite being able to guess a few things as I read, how it all comes together, in the end, is so satisfying. I’m certainly looking forward and excited for the second book.



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