Breaking Dawn – Review 

4/5 stars


I’m trying to decide if I liked this book or really liked it (to give it 3 or 4 stars). If you read my previous reviews (goodreads), you would probably find me adding the fact that I was looking forward to reading Breaking Dawn the most. The thing is since I saw the movies first, my ideas were different and perhaps I expected something else from the books, especially with this one, but in the end, I admit that the book was far more interesting than the movie, but that’s usually how it goes with books and movies. Rarely it happens when a movie is better.

Anyway, about the book. First, I feel like I was reading something that had nothing to do with the previous 3. For some people the sudden changes and the dangerous factor from previous books being gone, it’s a bad thing. Suddenly everything is different and Bella and Edward can be together, even make love, and that Bella is not a typical newborn, but I admit I enjoyed that. I like this book better than I like the others. Twilight was sort of okay, it was the beginning, she meets Edward, it’s dangerous, he’s still trying to figure out how to control himself and to be able to be around Bella since she’s so appealing and he ends up falling in love. Sure, that was fun and all, I liked it besides certain factors that I’ve talked about before in previous reviews (the fact it’s obsessive, and toxic relation). In New Moon I lost it the moment it sort of becomes a love triangle, I just can’t. Bella’s obsession grows bigger and the fact it shows that she can’t live without a man by her side and it leaves her weak, it gives away the wrong idea and having young girls possibly finding an example out of it, is a huge no from me. On Eclipse again the whole Edward vs Jacob thing and I can no longer tolerate Bella, she loves both apparently, she chooses Edward yet she can’t let go of Jacob and keeps causing pain to both of them, she realises she does that and there she goes not changing one thing about it. But then on Breaking Dawn things are different, I still disliked the fact that while being married already she continues to make Jacob a prisoner of her feelings and that just leaves me mad like girl, you just got married, he’s your best friend I get it, but she becomes so selfish, she rather see them hurt, both of them, instead of her. If I was in her place, I wouldn’t care that Jacob was my best friend, if I knew I was hurting him and hurting my husband I would let him go, I would prefer if I was the one hurting, not them. Then she went on a honeymoon and it was interesting to read about it, the way Edward seems to be able to control himself etc and then the baby, well I still can’t seem to figure out how come a vampire, who is supposed to be like a dead body? managed to get her pregnant. Is your heart the only thing not working? What about the rest of your organs? But then I don’t really blame Stephanie, she isn’t the only one in this world to make vampires with such abilities (I still find it extremely stupid and nonsense, that they sparkle in the sun and don’t have fangs and basically have very little vampire characteristics, at least that we are used to). Anyway, she gets pregnant and it’s interesting to read about it, especially from Jacob’s point of view, that was hilarious yet painful. He loves her and she loves him but knowing that he would imprint(?) on her daughter made me a bit sick.

 The end when Bella finally lets Edward into her mind, after so long and being that it was his first frustration, that part was beautiful. About Bella and Edward’s relation, I think we got what we needed. The frustrations of the danger; Bella being human and their love conquering it all, being happily married, and even having a daughter. I think it was settled then, they would be happy forever, with some obstacles I’m sure, but that can be left for our imagination. 

About Jacob and Renesmee. It was cute honestly the way he wanted to protect her, the way, in fact, he wanted to kill her and suddenly she became his whole world. But and there is a big BUT. I know the story is about Bella and Edward and  I don’t understand people who were Team Jacob and desperately thought and wanted Bella to be with Jacob when it’s obvious while starting to read Twilight, that this is a story about a vampire and a human girl, so she was always meant to be with Edward. Even so, I think I needed a bit more of Jacob. First, the idea that he imprint on Bella’s daughter makes me feel weird, mainly because Bella got what she wanted, she managed to have both Edward and Jacob and I don’t think that’s fair, even though those feelings Jacob had for her are gone now I believe, yet Bella still loves him and I can’t help to see that as super creepy and also I don’t see Bella being able to just simply put away all of those feelings behind. Second, we should have seen Jacob and Nessie together when she was older, an adult. We get that she likes Jacob as well but she’s only a kid, there isn’t love yet you know? and I think after all and after all the pain Jacob went through BECAUSE of Bella, it would be interesting to see more when she becomes an adult and she falls for Jacob and he starts loving her. I wanted to see that and I’m disappointed, it’s probably what disappoints me more out of all of it. 

In general, I don’t advise anyone to follow Bella’s and Edward’s relationship as “goals” and something you wish happened to you, much less young girls. First, fictional characters are just that and you won’t find a guy like Edward that will love you deeply and if you do find a guy like Edward, well run, because in the real world, his obsession with Bella and the need to constantly protect her, at least in the first books it’s not healthy. Also if you are a guy, Bella is problematic. And definitely, don’t marry a girl who still loves her best friend and goes around kissing him and won’t let go of him. 

After all, it was a fun reading. In basically less than a week, I read the four books so it wasn’t as bad otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do so. 


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