The Fault In Our Stars – Review

5/5 stars

(read in September 2013)

I read this book in one day. I started reading it around 8 pm and by 11pm/12am I was sobbing sitting in my bed. Screenshot_2017-04-26-21-30-14

I couldn’t stop reading no matter what. At the time I found the book extremely well written, of course, I had seen better stories and with such a theme it’s not hard to find one that talks about cancer kids. Whether we are talking about books and/or movies.  What I found so great about this time when I first read it was how John Green managed to make such a subject and “well-known” story into something beautiful, perhaps even with a little bit of romanticization of cancer and what the disease implies, this however, is something that I would have to read the book again in order to make a deeper and more thoughtful comment on it.

Either way, I was completely in love with the book. The twist, at the time it was one really blew me away even though he became evident what the ending would be. It got me cry like a baby which is something not many books/films accomplish.

To sum up, writing this small review has made me want to reread the book and see how I will react to it now.



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