Writing a blog used to be easier…

To avoid any confusion by the title, I’m talking about myself, of course. Back when I was younger and still in school, it became popular among friends to have a blog. Funny enough, I used to write a lot more when I was in school than I do now. So, writing a blog used to be easier. I lacked imagination just like it happens now but it seemed like it was so much easier to just type things in.

Not to forget, that back then I also had experiences, whether it was from school or personal life at home and being a teenager just made me more dramatic and perhaps helped me be more inspired to write whatever it was.

As now a young adult, this is probably the fourth time I’m giving it another try at this blog business. I do feel closer to books more than ever and writing reviews, sharing my opinions has become a huge necessity for me. With the internet and a new social media being presented every two minutes our opinions seem to have lost some value. Everyone has something to say, which is great but not every single comment, post etc is constructive and actually helps moving forward in any way.

To sum up, I just thought I should share some thoughts and hopefully with this blog I can not only be funny and share my thoughts on books, my short stories that are either forgotten in paper around the house or come to me once in a while but also have some sort of impact on my readers. Be a positive change or addition to the internet world.


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