River of Shadows – Chapter 1

” Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it isn’t real.”  –  Katherine Howe


The door was closed, there was no possible way for him to get inside. It didn’t stop him from trying, however. He was shouting by now, begging her to open the door. He got no response.
Dead silence.
He ran towards it hoping that maybe, just maybe he would be strong enough to crack it open. Nothing happened. He went at this for a few more minutes, doing all in his power to knock down the door.

“STOP.” He heard her, her beautiful voice from inside shouting at him to stop what he was doing. Her voice masked in such pain that it caused his own heart to ache just by hearing the sound coming out of her mouth. She shouted again.

He did not move, not because he didn’t want to but because he couldn’t. Her voice immobilised him from the moment she spoke. Every muscle in his body prevented from making a move.

“I’m sorry.” And then, one by one he regained the feeling in his body, slowly he was able to move once more.

“Your powers are out of control. Are you ok?” He asked her, still waiting outside. The question caught her off guard. It was the little things, staying outside her door, constantly making sure that she was ok, trying to ease her pain. I don’t deserve you, she thought.

“I’m fine. I don’t need you here.” She replied.

“You know I would spend the rest of my life here, on the other side of the door waiting to make sure that you are ok.”

“That’s certainly a very long time. You ought to be more careful before saying things like that.” He laughed and soon both were laughing.

Slowly she got close to the door and opened it up for him. He looked beautiful as always. Those perfect green eyes – a perfect match with his olive skin -, looking deep into hers. His dark curls falling into his eyes, she wanted to move them away but she didn’t dare to get any closer.

He stopped again, – not because she had paralysed him once more with her powers but – because he couldn’t help admire and stare at her. Making sure that everything was indeed alright.

Her natural pink cheeks were now even more noticeable. Her dark eyes lacking any spark of life. He took a deep breath looking around the house. Everything was a pure mess, clearly a sign that her powers were still out of control and she kept refusing any sort of help to resolve the issue.

“I didn’t mean to worry everyone. I just need some time.”

“I know this isn’t easy, Ava. But we can help you a lot more if you just let us in. Losing your memories and your powers, how to make use of them again is never an easy task.”

“But I didn’t…” She swallowed dry. “lose my memories, I mean. Not of you.”

He looked deep into her eyes again. There was no spark. There was also no need for words, he didn’t kiss her and she didn’t want him to. She could remember every single touch, every conversation they had and yet nothing felt the same. Somehow she had gotten lost. Not just the memories were gone, but everything that she used to be, replaced by some cheap copy of herself. Even her own body felt different.

The most powerful witch of all time, – they used to call her. Feared and loved by many. Darkness and light dancing together in her every move and yet it didn’t felt that way and it didn’t take much to take her down, to make her fall. To shatter her into little pieces, impossible to built it back up, some pieces now lost forever.

Being around her family, her fiancé, each day it was becoming more difficult and painful. For her and for them. She is no longer the person they used to know nor the person everyone else adored. A Queen made for her people. She’s nothing now but fragments of someone else, an incomplete puzzle with missing pieces that are never coming back.

“You should leave.” She looks him in the eyes, so green and alive. It’s almost as if she could smell the hope all over him making it even more painful for her.

“Ava, please.”

“Don’t. I’m not a Queen anymore. I’m not your fiancé. I’m no one. Tell them I’m dead.” His eyes went wide with shock, his hands trembling and trying to reach her own. “You heard me,” she adds when he doesn’t reply, “Please just do this one last thing for me. Tell them the damage was too much, bigger than we first expected. Or tell them that my powers ended up consuming me.”

He listened, only. Any attempts to reach out and touch her failed. Until he saw the bags. She was ready to leave.

“But you said you remembered me.” He finally spoke. The last plea.

“Exactly,” she replied crying, “I remember everything about us. All that I can no longer give you. I remember.” And then she was gone.


Author’s Note: Each day I will be posting a chapter. You can find all of them in “my works” Category. So far I’m a little uncertain about the title of this story, so until I’m certain that it’s called River of Shadows or something else, I will be creating a new Category with the title so you can find all the chapters together. I thought it would be fun to post this story and find out with my followers how this goes, receive feedback etc. I started writing this out of nowhere and I have no idea where this is going but thought it would be a waste to just let it be, lost in my notebook.

A few notes, English is not my first language so this is also a learning process for me. Over the years I’ve noticed how far I’ve gotten and the improvement in my writing but I’m aware that it’s not perfect yet, not even sure it will ever be. Also, I don’t do much editing, I’m just copying from my notebook to the laptop, some changes here and there. When I post all the chapters, I will then make some editing work. For now, enjoy. And remember I would love some feedback! It’s really important.


2 thoughts on “River of Shadows – Chapter 1

    1. thank you!! I started writing it out of nowhere on my notebook so I thought it would be interesting to post it here and see how it goes


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