Our Chemical Hearts – Review

3 stars.

This was an interesting reading but it wasn’t mind-blowing. Mostly because I’ve seen and read stories like this so many times by now. And the problem is that while reading this book it was like also reading The Fault In Our Stars and many other YA contemporary books. It was more of them same, not even th9780399546563e names felt like a proper escape. Hazel Grace – Grace Town. I get that writing about teenage love and tragedy can end up being really similar but it’s also getting boring.

The thing that really did make me like this book a bit more, was the fact that usually, you read books about Grace and Dom’s story. That’s what we are used to. But on Our Chemical Hearts, you read from the point of view of an outsider, an unlucky bastard who happened to love the right girl but at the wrong time. Or maybe the wrong girl too. He even realises that in the book. That was refreshing. I also enjoyed overall the message it gives about break ups and love.

I was heart broken for Grace. It was sort of creepy how much she was living for Dom or kinda pretending to be Dom. But I understand everything. She had barely lost him and then there she was expected to fall in love again. It happened too fast.

It’s an easy book to read like most contemporary YA is. More of the same, it is original for the fact that usually, characters like Henry are not the main ones. You don’t get to see their point of view. But besides that, it didn’t really feel unique nor original. That’s why I’m only giving it 3 stars.

With All The Bright Places, for example, it’s also not really something we haven’t read before but it made me connect with the characters and it really really messed me up, which it didn’t happen this time with this one.


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