River of Shadows – Chapter 6

“These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triump die, like fire and powder
― William Shakespeare


I can not wait to see you. For I’ve been desperate since your departure. Am I going insane? My heart aches every single minute of my days. At night, as I lay down on my bed you are the only thing I can or I’m allowed to think about. Every conversation we had, the secret kisses we shared. You are my best friend. 

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, I found a new book. We should read it together. 

Yours, Ava


I feel the same way. And I don’t care how many times Aiden mocks me because my best friend is a girl or because you are all I can talk about. But we have fun, don’t we? I like how you sing even though we all know I got the better voice (wish I could see you laugh when you read this), and I like how we read together and you get so into character that for a moment I get lost. How ironic is it that we read about them hoping we could live in their world while they read about us hoping to live on ours. 

Am I a fool for wanting to go there? I was thinking maybe we could go together. Just a thought.

Yours, Theo


I haven’t heard from you in a while. And you haven’t been around here. I asked my father and he told me he hasn’t seen you nor Aiden. Is everything okay? I’ve sent you more letters and you didn’t reply. 

Last time I wasn’t sure but now my answer is yes. I would love to see it with you. Maybe the stories aren’t real. 

I miss you.

Yours, Ava


He never told her what happened when he got back. For years until Aiden decided to turn against them, she never asked and he never thought it would be wise to let her know.

Standing in the middle of nowhere they look up towards the sky. A storm, a big one has started and it would be a matter of seconds for someone to appear shouting at them, possibly trying to kill them.

“We should run, now.” He tells her.

“Maybe we should go back to the Vila. I’m still the Queen. Aiden is still there poisoning everyone.” Ava replied.

Theo was surprisingly calm. He got dressed like nothing happened and the gestures and the look on his face caused her to feel sick. That wasn’t the expression he should have after what happened between them just minutes ago.

“What’s wrong, Theo?”

“Nothing. We should keep going.” He didn’t rush it as if something was holding him back.

It took them months to get where they are so it could take them months again to reach the Vila, she wanted to ask if maybe he knew a way for their powers to rush the journey but the awkward silence remained.

“Hello, love,” Ava turned abruptly towards the sound of the voice she heard. It wasn’t a kind face, there was a smirk on the woman’s face that in no way looked friendly. The woman nodded at Theo.

“Who are you?” Theo rested quietly beside her. His body posture showing no signs of fear.

“A friend. Your lover boy,” she points at Theo, “knows who I am. In fact, I believe I am to be expected.”

Ava turns to face Theo, there’s nothing in his expression that tells her he has any intention of explaining later.

“I’m sorry, Ava.” It’s all he says but she doesn’t see it in his face.

“Sorry about what?” She turns towards the woman again. “Who are you? Please, someone, explain to me what’s going on.”

“We just wanted a meeting dear, Ava. I’m sorry it took us this long. We live just outside and we’ve been waiting, for a very very long time.”

“What do you want?”

“To join forces? Perhaps, who knows. Let’s talk.”

But Ava doesn’t want to talk. She fights back in every way she can. The woman isn’t alone and the men and women with her are stronger. Faster and not even her powers are enough to fight these people. Because how could she? She wasn’t raised for violence, she never learned how to use her powers as a weapon. As for the fighting skills she has none. Never bothered to learn, never felt like her life could ever be in dangerous enough for her to know how to fight.

Meanwhile, Theo just stood there, watching. This time there was something in his face. Agony and anger but the woman was standing beside him and together, Ava had a quick glimpse of them side by side. And for a second she hoped it would be her imagination but it became too obvious to ignore. The same hair colour, Aiden’s olive skin, her features, this was their mother. Standing there, ordering her people to fight Ava was Theo and Aiden’s mother.

3 thoughts on “River of Shadows – Chapter 6

  1. The story is getting really interesting, this chapter was actually very exciting. But I am really confused by a few things like the last sentence states she wants to fight Ava but she had just stated that she wanted Ava to join them? Also is the river of shadows her title or an event or item? But all in all I really did enjoy the story so far and look forward to how it progresses

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much. And I actually didn’t edit this chapter but I think she fights her because previously I say that Ava fights her back first because she has no intention of joining her, I should have wrote it in a different way. And River of Shadows is what they call the place where they currently live in like a name of a city for example

      Liked by 1 person

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