Fallen – Review

2 stars.

If you thought there was a worse series than The Immortals then congrats you were right! 67fbf52979b565c0b54a1be208bfb7d9

I give to you Fallen. The Plot seems really similar to The Immortals only instead of an immortal you got angels. Now, just like what happened with TI the theme is actually pretty interesting. For once you no longer get vampires and a new sort of supernatural creatures get introduced. That’s untouched ground and you have your whole imagination at your disposal. But what did these authors do? They created boring plots and flat characters and wrote entire series based on a really boring an unhealthy relationship. I don’t know which came first and I’m not going to bother to look it up. They both suck.

But let’s get into Fallen. I decided to read the book because I got curious towards the movie and watched it. It was ok. It got really interesting in the beginning about the angels and I thought “wow this is really promising”; it wasn’t.

My main issue is really how boring the characters are. And the romance is just so flat. From the beginning, you are forced into this romance with Daniel and Lucinda even though they have zero chemistry and you already know everything. It’s meant to be so you are left with no choice but to accept they are going to be together. That’s no fun to read about.


The author basically gives away the whole supposed plot twist from the very start but then gets super cryptic when it comes to other details. I’m betting it’s no big of a deal, I started reading Torment and the whole making Lucinda being the one to find out everything because Daniel can’t tell her or she dies is really just a sad attempt to make viewers want to keep reading to figure out things. The only characters that I had some interest in were Penn and obviously, she got killed.

At least with TI, Damen was kinda of interesting, however while Ever Bloom is the worst character ever, Luce is easier to tolerate.

Trying to create a love triangle is such a sad plot device, it’s getting exhausting and it really tires me that romance gets used so poorly. It should be a sub plot not the main issue. And as a young adult series it should send across a healthier picture of love. Lucinda is a stalker and she’s so obsessed with Daniel even though he treats her like garbage and yes, I know why that happens but that doesn’t make it ok.
If a guy in real life treats me like shit I’m not going to assume it’s because he lives forever and he’s just tired of watching me die constantly.

Something else that makes Daniel even less likeable is how he claims to love Lucinda so  much and yet he doesn’t even think twice before kissing her or doing something that might end with her dead. Where’s the respect or regard for her life? It doesn’t exist.


The movie gives away everything and they chose such poor actors to play these characters, maybe someone else would have given the story some life and charisma. I do feel however that the movie was better than the book. This doesn’t happen often but when it does you can assume how bad the book actually is that a movie managed to top it.

To sum up, I’m going to continue the series and I wish I could say I’m hoping it gets better  but I’m 100% positive that it won’t. Torment introduces a new school, new characters and so far they seem slightly an improvement compared to Fallen but it’s not enough to save it.