Hello, friends! My name is Margarida. I’m from Portugal and I’m 20.

It’s been my dream to become an author ever since I can remember. On top of that, I’m a huge bookworm. Recently, I decided to combine my interest for books with taking photos for fun and that’s how my Instagram was created. Being able to share and voice our opinions was part of the reason I decided to create a blog. I’ve had blogs before but this time I decided to dedicate myself only to books reviews (and things related to them such as books and TV shows) and once in a while I might post short stories or small texts written by me.

You1491501503815 can find me on Instagram both bookish and personal account: itsmagsss and magsbooks. And on goodreads: margaridang.  

As for the posts, they are divided into reviews and personal posts or eventually my own writing. For that,
simply click the links on the sidebar that says Categories. “mag says” you will find the posts where I share my opinion about something. “Reviews” you can find every single review, “PT reviews” are reviews as well but in Portuguese for the books that are from PT authors so I write them in that language. And then you have for example “Sarah J. Maas” where you can find all the posts related to her books and stories.