Lord of Shadows – Review

3.5 stars.

I’ve read this book a while ago but wasn’t able to write a review sooner. I gave Lady Midnight five stars I believe last year but with Lord of Shadows, I feel like it barely reaches four stars.
I’m not sure what happened with this book. It’s not particularly the book’s fault or the author but I expected better and more considering how good Lady Midnight was. lord-of-shadows-cover-nov-16

One thing that I have to point out is how much Cassandra has improved since she wrote TMI. She’s one of the authors I dislike the most but I get really attached to her books. TMI has one of my favourite male characters of all time (Simon Lewis). And even though I loved Lady Midnight, I still believe that TID beats everything else she wrote. Unlike other authors she seems to improve with each book, so that’s a positive note.

However, I just wasn’t feeling it. Emma and Julian felt more intense during Lady Midnight and the book ended with such a great Mark and Emma scene but then when it picks up somewhere else and on Lord of Shadows it kinda loses the first impact it had.

In terms of characters, I adore Ty and Kit. Livvy and Kit just made no sense to me whatsoever, but Ty and Kit just have this chemistry, I love their scenes.
I’m also a huge fan of Mark and Cristina. I did like the progress and what’s going on with them plus Kieran. I was feeling a little bit of Herongraystairs vibe with them.
Emma, I like her but I think I liked her and she’s badass and strong so that’s refreshing, we all need female heroes.
About Julian, I like how ruthless he is and he’s such a complex character or well, not really because we are able to know him and know that for his family there’s nothing he wouldn’t do and he has no problem sacrificing things for them. He loves so deeply and strongly it’s both heartwarming and scary. Seeing his growth has been really interesting.

Overall it’s a good book, it left everything out in the open with the end. I was hoping the next book actually picks up where it left instead of moving forward. I want to know what leads to what.

As for having TMI characters showing up, I can’t explain exactly but they feel so out of character? The whole Clary death situation feels weird and why would you give away like that she’s going to die? Even if it’s a feeling, first it would be either to kill a main character from a series in another one that has nothing to do with her. Plus if she does die, it won’t be surprising because we already know she feels that way and she knows.

Alec and Magnus felt so out of character as well, maybe other people didn’t felt the same way so it might be only me but yeah. It might have something to do with the TV show because I now have this two versions of the TMI characters in my head so seeing them in some other series it’s like 3 different sides of them.

To sum up, I enjoyed the book. I’m really looking forward to read the next one. Even though it might take forever. I just can’t give it more stars, it feels like something was missing.

All The Bright Places – Review

3.5 stars. (spoilers) 

I usually avoid writing reviews soon as I finish reading a book. This time I decided I wasn’t going to wait. 

Before I start talking about the plot and characters, I would like to address how I usually try to be cautious when reading or going into a book that speaks about Mental Illness. It has become popular to romanticise MIs, especially in YA books. I’ve seen it happen multiple times so I when I saw what this book was about – I was afraid. 

Mostly, my biggest issue is using romance as a way that it becomes a “cure”, you might be depressed or dealing with any other disease but you find love and that’s it. You are now fine. Or trying to make being ill something to desire, treat it as cute and cool. Seems like authors also have a tendency to poorly represent MIs. 

I got quickly attached to the characters, yesterday when I started reading by the time I was half way done, I had to force myself to stop. And yes, the book involves romance and it sort of becomes a way to initiate the healing process for Violet because of her sister’s death which doesn’t really take long due to what happens to Finch. I won’t call it insta love because it’s teenagers we are talking about plus only towards the end when Finch goes missing, Violet starts calling him her boyfriend. Other than that the relation between the two is never established even though you are aware that they are sort of a couple. 

Personally, I never saw this story as a romance or something other than a book about a boy with a Mental Illness and how the world and everyone around him reacts to it plus a girl dealing with the loss of her sister. 

The adults in this story – especially finch’s parents – are completely oblivious to their sons mental illness. And even though I saw some people criticising this detail about the story, I think it was actually well done. Because it’s accurate. Some parents yes but honestly, most adults will just ignore when a child/teenager shows any sort of symptoms whatsoever. The world can’t seem to be able to handle or understand Mental Illness. If they try to avoid it they will. And it’s no exception in this book. 

I think overall the book accomplished the goal of showing us in an accurate way how people perceive and act around those who might be “different”. Whether it’s being bullied at school, home, ignored etc. Even Violet tells him that they are teenagers, it’s okay to get moody sometimes. 

What made me consider and give this book more starts than I intended to was the authors note. This book had a lesson and something to take from this reading. How MIs are perceived and suicide is seen compared to other death causes, the impact of labels and I think that if you are going into this book don’t do it because you want romance, do it to take something out of it. And the fact the author went through something similar, therefore writing about it, really moved me and it just makes the book even more important. 

If you are easily triggered or currently going through a situation that it’s going to cause this book to trigger you then I suggest you put it down and leave it for some other time. I found Finch’s death or well, the moment they find is body really intense. I cried so much and now I’m left with this feeling in my gut, overall it did not make me feel good, I feel affected by this story. I did not get a warning so if you decided to read this before reading the book – Be careful. (this just reminded me of something in the book and the use of those words is just making me feel worse). 

Trigger warnings: mention of suicide, grief, depression, bipolar disorder etc. 

I feel so messed up after reading this, I don’t think there’s more that I can say. Whether someone reads this book for the romance and sees it as something else, that will depend on each person. 

I might make another post, once my feelings settle down and write a little more about Mental Illness and the rights and wrongs when it comes to representation in books. Especially YA because I think that’s where the problem lies the most. 

A Court of Wings and Ruin – Review

This review contains spoilers. 4,5 stars.  Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

My initial thought was to give this book 5 stars because I just loved it so much. However, as I keep thinking about it more deeply and going through every aspect, there are details that make me want to give it a lower rating. Consider this 4.5 stars. I’ll explain why as go on.
A Court of Wings and Ruin is supposed to be the last book of this trilogy, or at least, that’s what we all thought. As for Feyre’s point of view, this was it. And considering things are seen in her point of view, it’s great. We get to know a lot of things, everything comes to place. But when it comes to the rest of the characters it feels empty. Like I’m missing a huge part of the story and some questions still needing an answer.

Assuming everyone reading this knows what happens in A Court of Mist and Fury, the ending was quite amazing. It ends with Feyre going back to the Spring Court and right from there we see things are going to be a little different, she’s thirsty for blood, so to speak. She’s going to play Tamlin and everyone, feeding them lies and pretending she’s not Rhysand’s mate and she was a victim. I was looking forward to seeing that play out.
However, I admit I found it boring and I was dying to have Feyre back in the Night Court. I can’t stand Tamlin, which just got worse at the meeting with all the High Lords (it happens, later on, a meeting set by Rhysand). But, when she does get back in the Night Court, this time taking Lucien with her, it felt too rushed. It happened too fast. She poisoned the Spring Court from the inside making sure it would fall and it was interesting to see her doing that but it didn’t quite match the ending we got in ACOMAF. I was expecting something bigger and less boring for the beginning.

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetAll that ends fast and then we are back in the Night Court and I got to see some of my favourite characters again. I think everything from that moment on played out perfectly. We got more from each character, you learned details and stories that make sense and help you connect the dots between the books and why a certain thing happened the way it did etc or why this character acts this way or that. Every moment with Feyre and Rhysand was amazing, they have a beautiful and refreshing relation. And my favourite part is how Rhysand simply allows her to be herself, make her own decisions and she has full control of her decisions, life etc. You didn’t see that happen with Tamlin and sadly you don’t see that happening in a lot of other stories which are portrayed as “goals” so kudos to Sarah.
Getting to know more of the rest of the Courts and their High Lords was something that should have happened earlier in the series I guess. I’m glad it happened now but it’s book 3 and only now I discovered or bothered to remember the names of the High Lords of Dawn and Winter for example. And getting to know more in order to know how to describe them and create something out of it.
As for the characters and relations besides Rhysand and Feyre, this is when it reaches the point where the series needed some closure which it didn’t get. In other points as well but I’m going to focus more on the characters. Because after all, those are the things that we tend to care about more while reading a book and the connection we create with it.
Cassian and Nesta are my favourite characters from the series. I absolutely love Rhysand and Feyre and I understand that it was her point of view and the whole story gets told from her eyes so obviously, whatever happens when she’s not present is harder to get ahold of. The fact that Cassian and Nesta are or could be possibly a couple is just a bonus for me, that’s not the reason they are my favourites, not as couple but as individual characters but not getting a closure from them as a couple, again it made the story feel unfinished, made me feel empty and unsatisfied. Which is the opposite of what a final book in a series is supposed to make you feel?

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
I feel like, besides the main character and her mate, Amren was the only one I felt like a full cycle was completed. She got a role to play and her story reached a conclusion. That didn’t happen with the others. We understood more of the complicated history between Mor, Cassian and Azriel. But what happens to Mor? She told Feyre but is she going to come out to the rest of her friends? Is she ever going to tell Azriel and allow him to heal and move on? Clearly, Elain is not feeling the same for Lucien, she does not care that she’s his mate but she creates some sort of connection with Azriel. Is she going to be the one to help him let go of Mor romantically speaking? Are they going to be besties or lovers? Does Elain get full control of her powers? What is going on inside Nesta’s head now?
I’m not going to lie, what kept me reading a lot of the times when I was going through the book was not only wanting to finish and know what happens of course but the desperate need for Cassian and Nesta scenes. Each time I saw their names I both died and was reborn in each scene. There’s something special between them, a love growing but not the love you see with Feyre and Rhysand or even with some other character. It’s just something there, from the moment they first met. Is Nesta the first woman Cassian has truly loved or started to? What did they both feel when the kiss happened? Are they going to be mates? So many questions, so much that still needs to happen in this characters lives that we just did not get to see. And yes, because it’s Feyre’s point of view. This whole thing had to happen in order for Feyre to even see Nesta and Cassian dealing with the king.

I’m guessing all these new books coming up are going to answer our doubts and be in other characters POV but for the last book, supposedly ending a trilogy it should have had more answers. I still think that out of the three, this one is my favourite. It should

Processed with VSCO with g3 presethave been a bigger book, I could read this story forever.

As for characters that I liked in ACOTAR and I don’t like now that much. Tamlin and
Lucien. Actually, I do like Lucien, I’m glad he had a great role to play now. Speaking of closure earlier and unanswered questions, I still don’t see the point of making him Elain’s mate. Nothing seems like it will come out of that and it felt like this stone badly placed in the middle of the story for a purpose that it didn’t get to be unfolded. That’s what I felt at least. Tamlin though, he was just absolutely disgusting during that meeting. He treats Feyre poorly, always. Acting as if he had any control over before and I get the vibe from him that all he wants or ever wanted from her is sex. He never truly loved her how he’s supposed to. But maybe it was her that blinded him to the point of making him be that way, not in her fault but the love he felt for her. It was poison. But it was poison because he forced it, not because he truly wanted to be in love with her or someone in the first place.
Even though he did correct himself, in the end, it wasn’t enough to make me like him but I did wish to see more, does he find that happiness after all? Does he correct his flaws and finds his mate perhaps and learns to be the person he should have been all along with Feyre? We will see.

I’m excited to see what’s coming in the future. What characters we will get to know better. Until then, until it becomes canon we will all live through our imagination, the what ifs and what not’s. Trying to guess what is going to happen.

The Fault In Our Stars – Review

5/5 stars

(read in September 2013)

I read this book in one day. I started reading it around 8 pm and by 11pm/12am I was sobbing sitting in my bed. Screenshot_2017-04-26-21-30-14

I couldn’t stop reading no matter what. At the time I found the book extremely well written, of course, I had seen better stories and with such a theme it’s not hard to find one that talks about cancer kids. Whether we are talking about books and/or movies.  What I found so great about this time when I first read it was how John Green managed to make such a subject and “well-known” story into something beautiful, perhaps even with a little bit of romanticization of cancer and what the disease implies, this however, is something that I would have to read the book again in order to make a deeper and more thoughtful comment on it.

Either way, I was completely in love with the book. The twist, at the time it was one really blew me away even though he became evident what the ending would be. It got me cry like a baby which is something not many books/films accomplish.

To sum up, writing this small review has made me want to reread the book and see how I will react to it now.