Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Redemption – Review

Beautiful Chaos – 5/5 stars
Beautiful Redemption – 4/5 stars

After 4 years of reading Beautiful Creatures, I finally managed to get my hands on the last two books. This isn’t going to be a typical review because a lot has changed since I first started the series.

I confess I feel as if I lost my way with the series. What I once felt Screenshot_2017-04-26-21-30-00about it may no longer apply. Not to mention the interest fact that the first two I own and read in Portuguese and the last two are in English.

On that note, it was certainly fun and interesting to see how much your perspective of a story can change when you read a series in two different languages. The movie was a complete disaster in my opinion. As for the books, I’m surprised they aren’t more popular but I can see how easy it can be for other books
to place a shadow on it.

Ethan actually died which was a factor that made me like
it even more, even though at times it got boring. Like I said before, you end up losing a lot by reading things in different languages and most of all when it takes you years – in my case 4 – to finish a series. I was a teenager absolutely in love with Ethan and Lena being in love and now I probably don’t feel the same way.

However, I still love the series. I love every single book and no matter how many years it passes they will always hold a special place in my heart as
it was probably the series that introduced me to YA books, fantasy as well since I mostly read romances and considered adult books, I guess. Even if I did read other YA books, I never truly felt that “obsessive” fangirl feeling until I read the caster chronicles.