River of Shadows – Chapter 7 

“I could never hurt him enough to make his betrayal stop hurting. And it hurts, in every part of my body.”
– Veronica Roth


Ava had no time to react as they knock her out. In the end, she was going to join them no matter what, whether she wanted or not. Even if it meant taking her as a prisoner.

Before she got knocked down, all she could think about was how much Theo had used her. She hadn’t seen him in years while she was under Aiden’s spell, while he made her believe he was the one she was in love with. Maybe they were in it together. Before she got her memories back, Theo felt honest to her, even though he was keeping information from her. Lying was that easy for him.

We are the villains in this narrative.
Humans are the heroes.
Have you been outside? – Yes.

She should have known. But how? How could she be suspicious and doubt the master of pretending? Not even when he told the fake name she noticed a difference. He lied to her nonstop and not even once she doubted him.


Ava slowly opens her eyes, she looks down to her arms and legs tied up. She’s sitting on the floor and her whole body is sore. She tries to move but it’s nearly impossible to change positions. She remembers she can use her powers to get free.

“Either they are really stupid or,” she says out loud.

Nothing works.

Of course, they would find some way to keep her from doing magic. Some sort of shield maybe. Maybe Theo was the one who created it.

Minutes later, a tall dark skinned woman enters the room. It’s not Theo’s mother. And the woman looks kind and friendly.

“Good. You are awake.” The woman says, smiling.

She’s faking it. Ava thinks. Everyone here seems pretty good at it.

“Thought you would be making some questions. Talk a little more, you seem that type.” She keeps the smile.

“Who are you and where am I?” Where’s Theo, she wants to ask too.

“I’m Amelia, and Ava, sweetheart, we are not the enemy. I know you believe we are some sort of evil witch hunters but you are not a witch, we control River of Shadows.”

“What are you talking about? Why did he-” she was going to say his name but decides not to. Just the thought of him hurts too much.

Amelia ignores the question, she continues, “It’s true that we – humans – do not have powers like yours. And yes, some people have died over the years, not everyone can survive it. So maybe, after all, we do hunt them, when they go rogue.”

“I don’t believe a word.” Ava snaps.

“I understand it’s difficult to understand. Maybe a familiar face can help.”

“If you are talking about Theo,” Ava forces herself to laugh, “he has lied to me so many times, it’s hilarious that you think I would believe a single word he says to me now.”

Amelia leaves the room without replying, that smile that was now getting annoying never once left her face. Even as she spoke about the people they did hunt and murdered over the years.

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River of Shadows – Chapter 6

“These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triump die, like fire and powder
― William Shakespeare


I can not wait to see you. For I’ve been desperate since your departure. Am I going insane? My heart aches every single minute of my days. At night, as I lay down on my bed you are the only thing I can or I’m allowed to think about. Every conversation we had, the secret kisses we shared. You are my best friend. 

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, I found a new book. We should read it together. 

Yours, Ava


I feel the same way. And I don’t care how many times Aiden mocks me because my best friend is a girl or because you are all I can talk about. But we have fun, don’t we? I like how you sing even though we all know I got the better voice (wish I could see you laugh when you read this), and I like how we read together and you get so into character that for a moment I get lost. How ironic is it that we read about them hoping we could live in their world while they read about us hoping to live on ours. 

Am I a fool for wanting to go there? I was thinking maybe we could go together. Just a thought.

Yours, Theo


I haven’t heard from you in a while. And you haven’t been around here. I asked my father and he told me he hasn’t seen you nor Aiden. Is everything okay? I’ve sent you more letters and you didn’t reply. 

Last time I wasn’t sure but now my answer is yes. I would love to see it with you. Maybe the stories aren’t real. 

I miss you.

Yours, Ava


He never told her what happened when he got back. For years until Aiden decided to turn against them, she never asked and he never thought it would be wise to let her know.

Standing in the middle of nowhere they look up towards the sky. A storm, a big one has started and it would be a matter of seconds for someone to appear shouting at them, possibly trying to kill them.

“We should run, now.” He tells her.

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River of Shadows – Chapter 5

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
– Lao Tzu


It didn’t take long for the darkness to settle in once again. By now, Ava was starting to get lost in night and day. She did not move from the place she had last seen him, there was a chance he would come back, she needed him to come back.

With more control of her powers, she managed to create a small fire, enough to keep her warm. Next, to her, some blankets appeared so she could lie down. 
She was starving as well but too exhausted to produce any more magic. Another star appeared on her left arm. So many that she realised it has been more than just a few weeks, it’s been months. Months together and yet she never felt like she knew him, not in the way she feels now. 

Completely exhausted she fell asleep, going through old/new memories. Trying to figure out when she lost control of it all.
She didn’t sleep much until she was woken up by a small girl shaking her in a violent way. Opening her eyes, she found the girl standing above her.

“I’m Athea.” The girl said.

Ava got up, defensive, for all she knew this could be the enemy. The fire was still burning strong. She could make everything vanish in a heartbeat, but there was no way she would let this kid see what she’s capable of.

“What do you want from me?” She asks.

“Help. I need help. I’ve been waiting to get inside for so long. But it rarely opens, but I finally managed now.” The girl replies.

Athea looks hopeful and harmless, there are freckles all over her face, her strawberry blonde hair is done in two matching pigtails on each side of her head. She looks so young. Taking her eyes off the girl, Ava looks towards the grass, bending over to touch it. Wet. It rained and she didn’t even notice it. Her heart races and immediately she thinks about it. A mix of anger and worry, please let him be ok.

“Are you a witch, Athea?” The small girl laughs.

“Yes,” she replies cheerful, “aren’t you? Both my parents were killed while trying to find this place, they left me outside hoping I would make it.”

“For how long? Were you outside, I mean.”

Athea began counting her fingers until they were no longer enough.

“I lost count, sorry.” She says, the smile on her face now gone. “30 years or so, I think.”

Ava gasps, “so that makes you?”

“12. I don’t age.” She smiles again.

This small girl was supposed to be a woman now, older than Ava. And yet here she is staring at her, looking like a child who lost her parents, who had to wait for so many years, alone just trying to reach safety. And for all this time no one knew she was there, no one even tried to save her. The rules had to change.

Ava had no intentions of going back to the Vila just yet, so she wrote a note and send the girl on her way.

I am Ava Cornelia Lewis, Queen of the Vila, River of Shadows.
I can not be present at the moment but I send to you this child, Athea, who has been seeking shelter for more than 30 years. I ask you to help and treat her properly until my arrival.
As for my well being, I’m okay, I will be back sooner than you expect.
Ava Lewis

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River of Shadows – Chapter 4

Memory was a curse, yes, he thought, but it was also the greatest gift. Because if you lost memory you lost everything.”
– Anne Rice


Caleb and Ella woke up shivering and with their clothes soaking wet. Ella had never experienced cold like this, or at least, she didn’t remember it. She was never sick, never had a fever. The sky was filled with dark clouds threatening rain at any minute again.

“What the -“

“What does this mean? I never saw it raining, never felt my body this cold.” She didn’t have to add the ‘I don’t remember’ part.

“Take off your clothes,” Caleb says.

“What?” she asks him, unsure of what his intentions are at the moment, all things considered.

“Just remove the clothes on your body and produce new ones.”

She’s taken by surprise at the demand, but in a low whisper she replies, “I can’t.”

“Then take this as a lesson. If you don’t remove the clothes you have on now, you are going to get sick.” He replies. His clothes are gone, for two seconds she slides her eyes across his body. Muscle everywhere, but the handsome kind of way. His golden skin shining with small drops of water in his chest.

She takes a quick glimpse at the tattoo forming on his hip making its way towards his chest and for a quick second, it looked as if it was moving. Before she can see more, new clothes are back on him.

Ella took off her clothes, staying in her underwear made her feel self-conscious and strange. She has memories of her fiancé but none include having her stand in her underwear for his eyes to prey. Caleb didn’t make her feel uncomfortable, in fact, he barely even bothered to look at her. It just made her feel even worse.

She tried her best and after a few minutes, new clothes were covering her body.

Without looking at her, Caleb said: “Let’s move.”

They keep going, as they move, the sky changes with them, blue and sunny. Warm wind, no signs of rain or that it happened. After walking for what it seems days, her feet began to feel sore, her stomach aching with hunger. Ella begs him to stop.

“Magic isn’t just people creating pretty things out of it, bad people use it too. We have to keep going. If they find you…” He stops himself from saying more.

“What do you mean?” He doesn’t say a thing. “CALEB, please.” She stops walking.

“Sorry your Highness, not everything is rainbows and rays of sunshine like it were back in your Vila.” He speaks with such bitterness that it catches her by surprise. There’s also a pang in her chest. She looks at him as if she never saw him before.

“I,” She pauses her hand in front of him.

“Don’t. You know who I am? So you were pretending all this time?”

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